Cannot open FTP out side of my network


I install MBL in my home and I can connect MBL via FTP client in my home network.

But the problem I have is that I cannot connect FTP out side of my home network.

I tried it in 3G network, in my office, and in starbucks but failed.

The IP address I using is that the address I can see from //mybooklive.

In my office I ping the IP address but Request time out.

Coul you please help me and advise me how I can access my MBL through the FTP client?

Thanks in advance

whao, where to start. If you are not a bit techie, this might be hard, or otherwise it would be a long long explanation. Will try anyhow…

  • 1st you will not be able to FTP from the internet to the IP shown at home for //mybooklive. see if this helps

  • 2nd you will have to forward the FTP port (TCP 21) on your router to your MBL. This step depends on your router, since all brands are different, refer to your manual.

  • 3rd, you will need to find what your internet/public IP is. Chances are you are on DHCP with your ISP. So it might change every 24-48hrs. You might need to find a way to be notified every time this changes. There are from apps you install, to DDNS, which is the recommeded way. For DDNS it will depend whether your router supports it.

Do baby steps, make sure you undestand #1, before going into #2 and so on.

Good luck, do some internet searches as well for any term you might not understand.