Cannot logon after backup

Has anyone found a workaround for the issue that the EX4 logon page becomes unresponsive after a period of heavy CPU activity (such as with a Backup)?

The system is running fine, SSH shows it to be idle, but it becomes impossible to progress beyond the logon screen. The EX4 will accept username and password, and will validate the password, but after this the logon screen stays up and you do not progress any further.

Naturally, a power reset will restore operation.

Any ideas?

Hi, you might want to check what is consuming your CPU%. You can verify that on the Dashboard, under ‘Home’ tab there is an arrow on ‘Network Activity’, click on it and then click on the arrow next to ‘Processes’.

No, as I noted, the unit is idle, so CPU loading is not the issue, although it has caused the issue most likely.

Next time it happens, I will try to restart the Apache server and see if that fixes things.

Just closing the loop on this issue. I never did find the cause, and it is just one more data point to show that the EX4 unit is severely hamstrung by it’s very limited hardware (particularly CPU). In the end I recognised that I have spent hours on various issues with the EX4 from wdmcserver issues, twonky issues, USB dramas, and endless backup problems and poor performance. As a result I have reassigned the EX4 to be a backup NAS to service backups for all the local devices. I have disabled anything else that is not useful to that sole purpose.

I have purchased a Synology 416play NAS and, finally, I have a NAS that acts like a NAS! Fast (Celeron CPU), with good software, I have found that I can migrate drives off local machines to have them serviced centrally on the Synology such is its performance. I could never even think about doing this with the EX4. I regularly get over 50MBps write performance over Gbps LAN, and disk-to-disk copies of >120Mbps. And that is not using the inbuilt SNAP functionality. The software (DSM) is very functional and complete with the ability to install packages for everything from Video service to Cloud and Security. Inspite of loading Video, Music, File and Cloud services, I have yet to see the CPU peak. And backups just work!

As en example, as I’m typing this, I am simultaneously copying 600GB from one share of the Synology to another, while copying the same share across the LAN to a HDD. For the last hour, I have been seeing LAN speeds of between 50-70MBps, HDD transfer speeds >100MBps, and the CPU is locked at a bit under 50%. Quite a machine…

On the EX4, I have found that it is doing its job very well as a Backup NAS server. USB backups are now working correcly - leading me to believe that the core issue on all the dramas that I have had is simply inadequate CPU.