Cannot login

I have a problem.
It is the second time it happens.
I setup the device.
I enable FTP, i add Shared Folder , i add user , i assign the rights ,
I test the FTP connection with Fillezilla or WinSCP and everithing works ok.
After a while i’m logged out from Wd Dashboard to login menu.

After this i cannot login .
I receive :

“The user name or password entered is incorrect.
Try entering it again.”

As i said, it is the second device and second installation, on other devices with older firmware it did not happen something like this.

How can i recover the account, without hard reset or lossing data?

What is the “device” you have setup? A single bay/single drive My Cloud? A multi bay My Cloud?

What firmware version are you using if using a My Cloud device?

Generally once FTP is enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard, opening or closing the Dashboard should not have any affect on the FTP accessibility. If one is trying to access a remote network My Cloud using FTP one will need to enable port forwarding for the FTP port on the My Cloud within the network router’s administration page that the My Cloud is connected to.

And it should be noted that FTP is not a secure method of access as the data (like one’s login information) may be transmitted unencrypted and therefore is subject to interception.

2-Bay NAS 3TB
I do not know the firmware since

I do not know the firmware since i cannot acces it any more.

But i gues it is somethig from 2019

Also it happened something strange to multiple devices more than 5, after upgrade they lost user rights, and cannot acces FTP.

I had to manually, go to every device administration, stop user share and enable it , after this step, everithing worked ok.

But first help me with recovery of this device.

See the WD Support site for images of what each of the various My Cloud devices look like to determine which device you have.

If you have a My Cloud Home, that is a completely different device than the My Cloud line of devices.

Once you have determined which My Cloud model you have you can review the My Cloud User Manual for your device for more information on how to use FTP and or the My Cloud Dashboard.

This subforum (My Cloud) generally discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud. There are subforums for other My Cloud devices which can be found here: