Cannot login with any other user except admin through Web UI


Bought a brand new My Cloud 3TB yesterday and it is all set up and running, however I can only connect to it through the internal web interface with the admin account. All other accounts give an “invalid username or password” no matter what I enter and even if I have turned off the password for that account.

Curiously, when maping network drives the username and password work perfectly, as well as when I connect through wd2go, the desktop application AND the mobile app. 

Every user account works on everthing but the internal web UI  (mine is set at  where only the admin account works.

Is this supposed to happen or is there a problem? 



I don’t know if multiple users are allowed to access the UI and I’m currently not able to test it. But I just want to emphasize that when dealing with user accounts, always reboot the My Cloud after changes are made. This is some sort of flaw in the software and this has given me multiple headaches in the past… 

Thank you for your reply! I did that at first when troubleshooting, even resorted to a full shutdown but nothing changed so I stopped doing it, I’ll try again and report back though.

EDIT 1: Just a quick note, I found a similar problem here on this thread:

except his issue seems to be connecting with other users generally as opposed to it being confined to the web UI,
regardless though the solutions on that thread do not work

the 1st user created is the admin user and should be the only one that can use the web UI

what do you want the other users to be able to do?

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Ah so it’s by design that the other users are unable to use the Web UI? I’ve been trying to log in to it as the other users all this time and it wasn’t supposed to work? I suppose that makes sense seeing as all the admin controls are there but I thought maybe there’d be a cut down version or something… well I feel silly! 

My apologies and thank you all for your time and assistance.

they don’t make the admin user very obvious, i forget where I stummbled across it

Just to share, you can have multiple admins indicated by a green tick icon in dashboard user list. Just add the username to the administrators group. I.e. in ssh shell “usermod -a -G administrators username”. Note: Not supported by WD :frowning: