Cannot Login To YouTube

Presently I cannot login to YouTube.

I am certain I am entering the credentials correctly for two reasons:  1) I enter the exact same uname and pwd on my PC for YouTube and I get logged in successfully and 2) I went so far as to attach a USB keyboard and discretely validate every single character of my uname and pwd as I entered it.

I did see one thread that articulated this problem, but the thread intimated that, “…Is your gmail account old - before may 2009 - that may be the problem.” and further suggested I create a new YouTube account.  This concerns/troubles me for a couple of reasons.  One, it doesn’t stand to reason that an account created before some time in 2009 is the problem.  Sure, someone may have changed (redirected) authentication requests in increments and for some reason the accounts established before 2009 may have had issues, but the root cause isn’t the origination date of the account.  Second, “creating a new youtube account” isn’t real practical for several reasons.  For one I want the account I have had for years to work.  Two, I have my own channel out there with content.  Three who has a burning desire for one more unique account with one more unique password that takes me to one more unique URL?

Long story short, I have tried:

Full Gmail + pw

First half of Gmail + pw

Youtube username +pw

And I consistently get the same, ‘invalid uname and pwd’ message.

Any help greatly appreciated.  Apology in advance for the rant tone.  It’s just frustrating as all get out that something works one day and the next it doesn’t.


Jim Preis

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This sometimes happens if you link your email account to a youtube account. Anyway I believe that its something to do with youtube and not WD. Plus I can assure you that accounts before 2009 are a problem.

See here

I have not tried it but you could change the email address of your youtube account to say a hotmail / gmx account and then log in. If it asks you to link accounts then reply no. It may work or maybe its too late after you have linked accounts.

Rich -

I do appreciate your help, but that link amounts to a WD statement saying that this isn’t a WD problem and then relegates one to a Google page with dozens of options and possible paths down multiple decision trees with ultra helpful bits of wisdom like, “How to reset your password” and making sure caps lock is off.

If one’s gmail account and YouTube account predate 2009 then they cannot be unlinked.  I validated this after loggin into my YouTube account.

So that’s it?  That’s the fix?  Go create an unnecessary YouTube account?  Besides the two liabilities I listed above, this also negates using Google checkout.  At best this is an awkward and  cumbersome workaround.

I did try and follow directions and submitted a problem report to Google from the link, but I am not optomistic of a fix.  I do a little Android dev on the side and unless Jesus, Allah and the Buddah himself are affected remediation tends to be slow.

Don’t take the cynicism as being unappreciative.  It’s just that my gut tells me I’m miles away from root cause and light years away from a customer aceptable fix.


Actually, Jim, according to the WD page and several of the YouTube pages, you should only still be encountering the problem if you’re using your original YouTube password, as opposed to your Google Account/GMail password.


YouTube username + Google Account Password


Google Account username/email + Google Account Password

should be getting you in.

I know on my WDTV Live both ways work for me.

So, if neither of those is working for you, then this seems to be a separate (but similar) issue.

Several of the YouTube links point to rather useless information… the “I can’t sign in” one basically only refers to the first time ever signing up/in… they basically tell you that the verification image is only valid for 2 minutes and you have to be faster in trying to sign in with your new account.

As far as I can see, once you sort through all their useless/worthless suggestions, the only option left is “Contact Us”.

Rich -

WD did contact me and categorized it as a Google authentication problem on Google’s end.  Problem is it ONLY affects my WDTVLH.  If I switch right over to my Panasonic BluRay player, the exact same credentials get me right in to YouTube with full function.

I’m sure that creatting a new YouTube account will get me access but this Hoovers for three reasons…

  1. Problem not fixed

  2. Another set of credentials to remember

  3. My original Google account is my “master of time space and dimension” account.  I have a credit/debit card associated with that account for Google Checkout.  If I set up a new YouTube account, that link will likely not flow the credit/debit info necessary to watch videos on YT.

Thanks for the follow-up all folks!!!


Firmware update 2.06.10 resolved this issue.

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