Cannot login to access dashboard

inadvertently ejected wdmy cloud mirror time machine backup icon -did reset-can access dashboard sign in but will not accept username and password-help!

Hello there,

Can you please give more details on what happened so we can better assist you on this matter?

Just bought my 4TB Mirror… Im using Mac running latest update El Capitan . Cant access dashboard and my iPhone detech it but cant seem to access due to error. Only thru finder where i can get in.Can anybody help me .

In Finder,under shared devices,I ejected my-cloud-mirror-time machine,WDMyCloud Mirror icon is still present under shared devices.Now I can no longer sign into settings thru WDMyCloud Mirror Dashboard.When I click WDMyCloud Mirror Dashboard and then enter my user and password it states the user name or password is incorrect.Actually when i enter the first letter of my username Iget an x in the window box.

(Dec 29 2015)
Three days of running, suddenly dashboard couldn’t resolve in web browser (Error: “No site configured at this address.”)

After hours trying different things, and reading of blogs, I solved my problem by using the IP address of the device, which is displayed under the device’s serial number on the WD setup page:

This is what I did.

  1. (Note that I uninstalled all the WD software, then rebooted before doing the following - you may not have to do this).
  2. Download (if you haven’t already done so) and RUN the wdmycloudmirror SETUP file: mcm_windows_setup.exe.
  • The setup file will check your network then display the IP ADDRESS under the serial number of your device, under the device icon, in the initial first setup pages. (The display is quite tiny)
  1. Note this IP address, then continue and finish the setup program
  2. Place the IP address in the web browser (I’m using Chrome), instead of using the device name, and bingo, the dashboard login comes up. At least it does for me!
    Note that the IP address displayed by the setup program turned out to be different from the one I obtained when I ping the name of the device using the Windows run cmd. Why the device resolves to two IP addresses, is beyond me.
  3. Bookmark or note this IP address and use it from now on to access the Dashboard

Really hope this works for you all.



I faced the same issue whenever Bitdefender Total Security suite updates its security protection. After much investigation, I have discovered that it is caused by the ‘Network Threat Prevention’ module. You will need to disable it temporarily to allow your browser to login to your WD Dashboard.