Cannot Log Into Public Folder

Installed WD My Cloud Home yesterday. Can access the device from two Macs. Can upload files, create albums and folders, and share them.

Now trying to backup to My Cloud Home with free trial of Acronis True Image 2020. True Image desktop app can see the WD device as a destination and accepts my My Cloud username/password for getting in. Then it presents me the “Public” folder as my only choice for where the backup should go. OK. BUT my same username/password do not get me into the Public folder! I have not created any other name or password for the device.

Why won’t the same username/password combo that gets me into the device also get me into the Public folder? If I need to create a password for that folder, where do I do it?

Help, please.

for the public access folder via lan use the following:

Username: password
Password: password
or try nobody nobody

Thanks for trying to help.

I had already seen those suggestions somewhere else. They don’t work.

The answer from WD tech support is that My Cloud Home does not support Acronis True Image.

The device is in a box on its way back to retailer B&H. Next NAS on order: Buffalo LinkStation 210 4TB.

Good luck with the buffalo!

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Hi! @Ken51, Hi! forum
MCH support acronis for backup your file. I do it
There is no problem after reading what you wrote above. the password and username is those of your windows or mac account.
I already telled you that public folder works like any device in network; if you want to access it with your computer give assurance that is you by adding your windows account’s informations.
in android’s device you can also access public folder using app like es explorer pro or file commander; in local network, give ip address of your public folder and connect you like guest