Cannot lock drive

Strangely, when I click Save Security Settings in WD Security, it tells me “Security on this drive has not been enabled.” Everything else seems to be working fine, and on a different machine I was actually able to set a password for this drive through WD Security. But I would like to know how to fix this issue on my home machine. It’s an HP laptop with XP SP3, My Passport  WDBBEP0010BBK.

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Weird, once you setup the password on one computer you don’t need to do anything else on any other computer, just enter your password to unlock it.

I realize that, after I’ve set the password (having connected the drive to a different machine), I’m able to use the drive on my home machine because I don’t have to go through WD Security or SmartWare, the virtual CD works fine. The problem is that I’m not able to use WD Security on my home machine.