Cannot locate folders

Have wdlive tv i have it all hooked up and can access pretty well everything, except  anything in network shares, i have no idea what this means, all of the folders say that they are empty, where are they located on my computer or whatever or is there a special setting that i have to do, am totally lost here, been at this now for 2 days and am getting nowhere

using the remote i scroll to video, then to network shares, then it comes up with my personal folder for my computer or something, and says that there is nothing in there, also same thing with music, and photos etc,

hopefully someone can understand this and help me, thanks, kathiesawada

Welcome to the forums.

We would need more information to help specifically, but let’s assume for a moment you are using WIndows 7.  You need to make sure your workgroup in your computer is named “WORKGROUP”, you need to turn passwords off on your net shares, and you need to add “Everyone” to each share with full rights.

If this doesn’t help you, let us know what OS you are using, how your shares are setup, whether you have Windows Live ID Assistant installed, and how are you connecting (wired or wireless).

Hi thanks for the quick reply, i am using winxp pro, and do not have the windows live thing installed because i had it before and didn’t like it, right now the only way i can access any of my folders is by using tversity,

forgot to tell you that i don’t have any workgroup where do i do that, thanks, k.

In XP right click on My Computer and go to properties and then Computer Name tab.  You’ll see your workgroup there – change it to say “WORKGROUP”.

In your net shares (right click on the folder) and go to Properties and then Sharing (make sure you are sharing the folder and allowing users to change your files.

After you’ve done both of these things, reset the Live back to factory conditions (use the paperclip or the menu item in settings) and then login again and see if you can see your shares (it may take a few tries of backing in and out before they come up).

Hi finally back again, did everything that you said and all is working now, took awhile to find the folders, but all is up and running now, so many thanks for all your knowledge, cheers, kathie