Cannot get Win 7 Computer to connect

I’m currently running on AT&T’s UVerse internet, using their silly 2WIRE router. I have a MacBook Pro 2009 model able to access the device flawlessly as well as an ancient PC running XP still…however, the Toshiba Laptop I have running Win 7 Home Premium is not able to connect to the network device. I connected up a 3TB MyBook Live to the network and everything worked flawlessly. But…then I tried to get the Win 7 PC to connect to the device, and every time it asks for a user name and password and I’ve tried every possible combination of usernames and passwords that I have on the device, and it still will not connect. I remapped it once by unmapping it through the command prompt then remapping it, and that worked…now I can’t remember how to do that. I’d like to avoid having to do that every time I want my Win 7 PC to connect to it though. Is there a more permanent solution to making these two devices play nice with each other, or am I going to have to remap every time I want my Win 7 PC to connect?


You can mapped the drive permanently in your Win7 PC.  

  1. Open the Windows Explorer

  2. Under the “Tool” menu, choose the “Map network drive…”

  3. Choose the Drive letter, and fill in the network path (\Your-MBL-IP\Shares)

  4. Remember to check the “Reconnect at logon” and “Connect using different credential” (if you using different userid & password to acccess your NAS that is different from your windows logon)

  5. Clik “Finish”

Repeat the above steps for another NAS.

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