Cannot get photosync to transfer to My Cloud from IOS

Because of the limited function of the ios back up utility that comes with My Cloud, I am attempting to use Photosync. I am trying to configure FTP from the phone app directly to the NAS (which has a reserved 168. ip address so it will not change). I enabled FTP on the My Cloud and enabled my ID for FTP. I have been able to use an FTP client on my Mac with the same id/password and ftp files to a share on My Cloud. I configured the Photosync for FTP with the same setting as used from the Mac. It says it is signed in, but it spins for a long time and then indicates no folders found. The same results occur if I go back into Configure ftp and try to set the Destination Folder. It is like it is logged in but not at the share? not sure how that is possible, but that is what it acts like.

Anyone have ftp working with Photosync and IOS using FTP?
Any help would be appreciated!


As I have read more, it appears I have put this in wrong section. Therefore I am going to copy this issue over to the software group. Please respond there. (is there a way to move a post?)

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