Cannot get onto my wd mycloud after changing ip address

I really hope someone can help me because tech support was useless and I’m running out of ideas.

I recently purchased an electronic photo frame, and as it didn’t pick up the wd mycloud, I decided to go into the settings and change the IP address to a static one and the subnet mask.

Now I’m completely locked out. It’s telling me it’s offline when I go onto the laptop app, and that it can’t connect when I type into my search bar. I don’t remember how to find what IP address I changed it to, and I can’t get into the settings because it’s completely locked me out. I have over 80,000 photos and 10,000 videos on there and I’ve been trying for about a week to figure out a way back into the system.

I also have a google wifi nest that I’ve recently installed, and I’ve tried connecting through that network, and the main router through utility warehouse.

I’m completely lost, help!!!