Cannot get laptop to see new SN750 to clone old disk

So i have a thinkpad A475 (BIOS Version R04ET37W [1.15]) with a 250GB card and wanted to increase this by using the SN750 (500GB) i thought it would be a simple job of plugging in the drive in and running some cloning software and away you go but nothing could be further from the truth.

First i used a cheap ebay adapter but laptop (Win 10) refused to see the disc, was there in disk management but when i tried to format it, it came back saying nothing in drive xxx, bought a better version of adapter made by Sabrent and the same thing happened, now this has happened with the 500GB WD as well as a 1TB Crucial drive as well, so i presume their is something wrong with my laptop settings (maybe in BIOS) it’s set to UEFI but even after setting it to legacy i still can’t get the drives to be formatted or even seen in some cases so off course i can’t clone anything over and yes this is using WD Acronis sftware, does anyone have any suggestions on what is going wrong and how i can fix it, my BIOS setting have been set to factory defaukts as well.


Join the crowd. I was at it all day long with a SN750 500GB on desktop. Could fresh install but trying to get windows to see it for a clone…FORGET ABOUT IT! I’m to the point of nearly throwing it in the trash.

Not 2 weeks ago I cloned my 950 pro 256gb to a hp ex920 1tb without a hitch so why the WD wants to be a ©&--+$ who knows.