Cannot get information from drive fast enough

I am using my WD Black 500 Gig as the D drive with an older version of pro tools, everything was fine until I received that message. I heard there may be updates for my drive but do they actually speed it up, the info transfer?? Any related info would be greatly appreciated!!! irritated, not sure if its the drive or what? I have removed alot of stuff from the drive, removed everything that could use my ram or programs running in background. so Im stumped! Please help! Thanks in advance if anyone can help!!! Brian

correction I am using this as my C drive I cloned it from an 80 G western digi that came with my dell cpu. guess I have to go back to that? unless somebody can help me out here. seems like WD should be responsible for this!!

Hi Brian51,

Are you getting this “cannot get information from drive fast enough” error from a specific program?

There are a lot of things that can cause a drive to slow down such as fragmentation, amount of free space, running background program and overall OS decay, which is caused by an operating system just getting slower over time due to regular use. There could also be a possible problem with the drive. To help rule out the drive itself, you can test the drive using Data LIfeguard Diagnostics to make sure that the drive is in good working order. You can also do a regular defragment, disk cleanup, and scandisk to see if it helps. I included a link below to the WD DLG software.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics