Cannot get dashboard to load properly

I don’t know if this is related to Plex install or not but my dashboard or admin access to my EX4 is basically unusable. It takes forever to load and when it does I cannot get anything to work. For example, always had cloud access enabled, now shows disabled. I try and go to settings to re-enable the cloud access and nothing happens. Similarly when I try to go to Apps tab and uninstall Plex (which seems completely useless and keeps ‘losing connection’) I can’t get it to load at all or when it does I does not show Plex in apps list even though it is running on the EX4. Can’t afford to lose the data on this EX4, any suggestions on how to get Plex uninstalled and performance back to what it was would be appreciated.

Best would be to wait until Plex indexers have done their work to free the CPU from this enormous load. Then you can open the web interface and de-install Plex.

Finally got PLEX to uninstall and seem to have things working better again.