Cannot "Get Content Info" on NAS/Network Drive

I just purchased the 2TB Iomega Home Media NAS and am in the process of re-configuring my NAS setup.  I have moved a bunch of movies over to the new NAS and can see/play them from any room in the house.  But when I try to Get Content Info for the movies on the HUB I cannot.  I have gone into the setup of the NAS and made sure that everyone has read/write access. 

It appears that you can only get movie info for local drives.  Is this true?  What a waste of time to have to move your file to the hub just to get the content and then move it (and the xml and image) to the NAS.  I suppose I could dummy up a tiny file and name it the name of the movie just to get the info and skip moving the actual movie all over the network but that too **bleep**. 

I wish there was a java program that would scrape the info and pull the images and build the xml file that the HUB can read.  Similar to what I used to use to make the moviesheet for the wdtv live.  If anyone know of such a program that works with the HUB please jump in. 

I have been able to transfer the xml and images with the movie files from the HUB to the NAS and have the info show.  The only problem is when in the moviesheet view (with large background images that rotate and thumbs across the bottom) there is a larger thumb of the movie you are viewing on the left side of the movie data.  When viewing on the NAS that image does not show.  When viewing the same movie from a local drive that image shows.  Anyone know how to get that image to show when on the NAS?

Hope this makes sense.  And sorry if this has been discussed previously.  If so, please post a link.  I tried searching but may not have used the correct verbiage.


note4shawn wrote:


It appears that you can only get movie info for local drives.  Is this true? 

Nope…  Not true…   Get Content Info works fine on my QNAP, my Win7 box, and my MYBOOKLIVE NAS.   Three out of three…

Your other question:

and quite a few outhers…

The Movie Image SHOULD show in the big icon on the left.   It does on mine…

That is so weird.  I can Move, Copy, Upload to Facebook, etc…but cannot Get Content Info.  GRRRR  In fact I cannot get it on my FREENAS NAS either.  Doesn’t seem right. 

Thanks for the link.  That is exactly the kind of program I am looking for but I am running ONLY linux in my house so it would need to be a java program or one made to install on linux too.  Plus I am also looking for a movie scraper.

Thanks for your input.  At least I know that it should work.

So are you saying the GET CONTENT INFO menu item doesn’t exist, or that it does not SAVE the data?

If the menu item isn’t there, there’s only two reasons I can think of:

  1-  You don’t have MEDIA LIBRARY enabled

  2-  You DO have it enabled, but it hasn’t finished compiling when you bring up the OPTIONS menu.

  1. or you are ttrying to get info on a folder as apposed to a file

Thanks for both of your ideas.

Yes I am saying the GET CONTENT INFO menu item doesn’t exist for the networked NAS/drives.  It is there for the local drives only. 

Yes the Media Library is enabled.

I am not sure about the Compiling.  Is the compiling done when the light stops flashing?  It could be this if it compiles invisibly (no light flashing) in the background.

No I was not trying to look up a folder.  All my movies are in one folder.  Not in separate folders with movie names.  But I can see how that could confuse someone.

In the mean time I have made a tiny video file and duplicated it for each of my movies and named them the same as all my movies.  I put them on a flash drive and plugged it in the hub and then looked up the content for each of them.  I am now moving all the xml and images over to the nas.  This should work once it recompiles the nas. 

It still makes no sense though why I can’t look them up but others can. 

Thanks again

Also, you must wait until Media Library compiles before you even start browsing.

If you start browsing while ML is compiling, then it finishes, it STILL will not show up unless you go back to the Home Screen FIRST.

Well I let it sit uninterupted for a while and now am able to Get Content Info on the NAS.  YAY!!!

Thanks guys!!!