Cannot Get Content/ cannot save movie information

Hi Guys,

I’m having trouble getting movie content information saved on my WD TV Live Hub.

Everytime I tried to ‘Get Content’ it seems to search and work perfectly fine, but the

movie posters and other information such as synopsis, director, genre, and so on

aren’t saved. I’ve tried multiple times on all of my movies and it still doesn’t work.

I’ve used the latest firmware 2.03.24, and my movies are .MKV

Any of you guys know how to fix this problem? please help me… thanks a lot guys…

If your movies are on a network share, the WDTV must have WRITE permissions to that share.

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OOooooowwww… Good point, I’ll try to change my network settings once I get home…

But what if I have more than 500 movies on my drive, will it take some time for it to load?

And where does the ‘get content’ information gets stored in? Thanks…

It’ll take probably about 1 or 2 minutes or less. My NAS has about 1400 files on it… Takes about 2 minutes… It will store a JPG and an XML file for each movie.

Is it possible to add ‘Get Content’ on a movie folder instead of the movie file itself? for instance:

Movie picture on a ‘Phone Booth’ Folder, because the ‘Phone Booth’ movie is split into 2 different files, phone_booth_part_1.mkv and phone_booth_part_2.mkv

No, and if that’s how your movies are organized, you’re going to run into issues.

After you do Get Content Info on a two-part movie, you will find it VERY DIFFICULT to determine which is Part 1 and which is Part 2 without editing the Metadata manually.