Cannot Get Composite Video; Cannot Reset WD TV Live+

I would want to use my old small portable TV with composite video in for my Live+, as I only use latter mostly for internet radio streaming and don’t want to have to turn on my expensive HDTV everytime just to set up the Live+ (connected to it by HDMI).

Problem is I cannot set the Live+ video out from current HDMI to composite using the menu anymore (it stays as HDMI). Hoping to get the device back to the default composite video out, I also tried resetting the device by menu or the pinhole button and it doesn’t do anything.

I already communicated with WD support couple of times, but no luck - would appreciate any suggestion…


Just plug the supplied AV lead into the player and the other end to your composite input on your portable TV. You must use the supplied lead as it has different wiring to other leads. The internal menu is not used for switching outputs its purely for setup. There should always be a composite output. If you play around with the reset button you may switch between PAL & NTSC which may mean that you don’t get a picture.

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thanks for your reply richUK