Cannot format Green drive, I/O error, firmware problem?


I have a WD20EURS-73TLHY0 2TB drive that a pulled from a I hated that service so I decided to cancel my subscription and use the bare drive instead.

The problem is that I can’t format the drive. It always gives an I/O error. I tried on Windows and on Ubuntu (see pictures below). On Windows I used diskpart and saw that the drive has a null DISKID, which seems weird. Now I’m thinking that it has some sort of special firmware made by SpaceMonkey, is that possible?

Any ideas on how to salvage this drive?


I think the drive is locked. I have been looking at ways to unlock it, not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions?


p.s. I don’t care about the data on the drive, I want to wipe it.

Did you try writing zeros to the hard drive before attempting to format it? It should clean the hard drive and allow you to format it unless there’s a firmware lock.

Did you have any luck unlocking this HD. I’m facing the same problem.

So no solution since im having this issue also

with diskpart active

show disks
clean n

where n is the disk number to be wiped