Cannot Find Shared Media Over Network + Lag When Viewing Video Files

I received the WDTV Live for xmas, and set it up earlier today. I have 2 issues with the unit thus far. 1) I have followed the documentation regarding sharing folders (i’m using Windows XP). I have several folders shared currently. However, when i attempt to access “Network Share” on the WDTV interface for videos, it tells me that it cannot find any files. WD documentation is severely lacking. I cannot find any additional information regarding setting up files/folders to be seen via the WDTV interface. 2) I connected a WD Elements hard drive directly to the WDTV in order to play an MKV file (approx 4GB). It started fine, but after attempting to fast-forward a few minutes, the video lagged and then froze completely. I couldn’t back out of the video or exit to the Home screen on WDTV. I had to unplug the device in order to quit out of the video. This has happened multiple times. I know people use the WDTV to play large files, so why is the performance so terrible?

See if the link below can help you with the issue of sharing files over the network:

Regarding the MKV movie, post the full media info of  your movie: