Cannot find RAW image files in Windows explorer

Hello, just got a MyCloud and set it up without issue. I moved all of my image files over to it from my desktop PC, and when I went to access them through Windows Explorer on my Surface Pro 3, only the jpg files would show, not the raw (.CR2) files. If I log onto the website to view them they show up, but not through Windows Explorer. What am I doing wrong?

You need to have a CR2 viewer on your computer to see them. For example, CR2 is Canon raw images, if you install any app, such as cannon software, when you click on the image it should launch the application and you can see them.

Works fine on my Windows 10 laptop and MAC, both have canon software installed.

Thank you. I have never had issues viewing cr2 images in the past. I have used my Surface for photo editing a number of times. However, when I open the file in windows explorer where the raw images should be, there is nothing there to see at all. I can go to other folders (stored locally on the Surface) and see .cr2 images just fine.

For instance, opening the folder with adobe bridge does not show me the files either.

OK. Well, could be a surface pro configuration issue. I don’t know anything about surface pro. So I could be talking nonsense. On my iPad I can see them and i can open them in other application for viewing. Could you try something else, another laptop or PC?

It’s looking like somehow this must be it. When I open the networked drive on my desktop PC it shows the .cr2 files just fine.