Cannot find on network or install via disk because of aforementioned

 3TB My Book Live -

It wont find it as is myBookLive as you can see above. yet according to my computer it is there as you can see above.

and also as you can see I can access it from the webpage (its IP adress.) and also registration gives an error saying somthing like Please check your network connection. and it obiously works as you can see I just posted this.

Then try clicking the Windows start button and then click the word Computer in the right column. Click in the upper address bar where it says COMPUTER and change it to \MYBOOKLIVE and hit enter and it should bring you right to the MyBookLive’s shares. Doing this will also sometimes force Windows to show MYBOOKLIVE under NETWORK when it was missing before.

I would then create a network shortcut to the MYBOOKLIVE by clicking NETWORK (as seen in my second picture)  in the address bar up top and then dragging and dropping the MYBOOKLIVE icon from your network window to your desktop to create a shortcut. Ignore the installation CD as it is not needed.

If that doesn’t work, make sure your MyBookLive and computer are using the same workgroup name. Both should default to WORKGROUP as the name but it couldn’t hurt to double check.

Good Luck