Cannot find my data after OS5 upgrade

Hi Guys

I bought the MyCloud Ex2 Ulta with 2x2TB harddisks. I’ve mainly used it as my phone backup so I only used about 100GB data. It was all fine until some weeks ago when the support for MyCloud 3 stopped. I did not have time to upgrad the firmware for some weeks but now I did and I had to create new users and for some reason I cannot access my data anymore. I can see its still there because it shows me about 1.9TB from the 2TB available but no data in tha dashboard, even I am logged in as Admin.

Can you help me how I can retrieve the old data from my harddisks?

Thank you for your help

Hi @dino2704,

Please be informed that OS 3 is the end of support.


  • OS5 Compatible devices

    • My Cloud (Glacier) w/
    • My Cloud Mirror Gen2
    • My Cloud EX2 Ultra
    • My Cloud EX2100
    • My Cloud EX4100
    • My Cloud DL2100
    • My Cloud DL4100
    • My Cloud PR2100
    • My Cloud PR4100
    • WD Cloud (Japan)

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