Cannot enter password when viewing certain HULU movies via PLAYON

I have Windows 7, WDTV Live with most recent firmware.   I have a valid subscription to PLAYON which enables me to access HULU.

Many movies I can see with HULU with WDTV Live, but certain movies require me to enter a name & password.   When this happens, a panel appears on the tv set asking for name & password, with different boxes where the information is to be entered.    My problem is that  I cannot , using WDTV Live remote control, move to the different boxes, and should I access a box, I do not know if a keyboard will appear whereby I can enter the information.

I CAN access the desired HULU movies on my computer, but unfortunately, not on the tv set using the WDTV Live.

Any suggestions on how I might be able to give HULU the desired info using WDTV Live?

best, Aaron

It’s the PC that’s asking for the password, and the PC is just showing the image on the WDTV.

You’ll need to check with the PlayOn folks to find out how to log in automatically via the PlayOn client.