Cannot enter Dashboard, UI return back to Login

This just happen to me last night, i cannot enter the dashboard, eventhough password are correct.

Nothing changed. no additional software installed.

These symptoms also happen to fpkmgr login which i set using login password.

But the weird things is, transmission web (port 9091) though also set using password, can be reached.

and also twonky web (port 9000) is accesible.

I’m using the latest firmware (the last before 06/26 update)

good thing I enabled SSH. if there’s a comprehensive tutorial in using dashboard functionality with SSH, i no longer need the dashboard. but right now, I still need the dashboard to manage users and shares.

Sounds like you’ve installed a lot of third party software…  Perhaps something has modified the password file.

Do you SEE the UI?  Or is it totally unavailable?

If you see it but just can’t log in successfully, you MIGHT be able to try changing the admin password via SSH

passwd admin 

and follow the prompts.

Nope, i’m only installing transmission (torrent client) using feature pack. nothing else.

the password is correct, nothing changed. i manage to login to SSH.

I can access the UI, but when entering correct password, page return to login.

When I try entering incorrect password, it says wrong password.

so I know my password was right, but the Dashboard is not opened, keep throwed back to logon page.

I did not change anything, no setting changes, no users/shares change, it’s just stop working. What could possibly wrong?


Just now I try login again, going to /UI/settings, /UI/start_over, /UI/ssh, nothing works.

Then i read something about /UI/settings/utilities/, and what do you know, it works!

nothing changes, it’s just suddenly stopped working, and now it back again. Weird…


I’ve been having the exact same problem on my Duo however it hasn’t ceased yet. Did you manage to come to a solution to this problem?