"Cannot eject generic volume" error in Windows Vista


I recently got a My Passport Essential (500GB)

I used it on my home PC (Acer) to transfer files etc with no problem when “Safely Removing” the drive.

When i connected to my friends Sony Waio it works fine,but when i try to safely remove/eject the drive

i keep getting the message “Windows cannot eject generic volume…” (or something to that effect)

I checked the WD website and it says to turn of bin protection in Norton,but Im not using Norton.

The only other option was to shut off the computer but this,to be honest, is just an annoyance,after

shelling out for a product i expect it to work to its full capacity.But i fear,as i used it without hitch on the

desktop Acer,that its a problem with the laptop i am using.

any help would be greatly appreciated


Did you ever get this fixed?  You might want to make sure that you have all the updates for Vista.  And if you are using SmartWare, then you can use it to safely remove the drive also.  It actually works better.