Cannot download

I am trying to send music files to someone via My Cloud and on their end it gives them the message that they need a My Cloud account :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

How have you shared the file? One of the WD apps or via the web portal?

Thanks for responding. From My portal

First, make sure your My Cloud is using the latest firmware. For v4.x My Cloud’s its 04.04.02-105. For v2.x My Cloud’s its 2.11.133. Using older firmware may cause problems.

On the web portal, after selecting the Share option for a file, make sure to select “Send a Link” and not “Send a private link”. The “Send a Link” option should let anyone view the file without having to log into the web portal.

Thank you so much. I think that’s it :+1:t4::grinning: