Cannot download photos/movies to iPad using app


Hello, I am unable to download photos to my iPad using the Mycloud app. I select the photos I like from the app, then select ‘download’ in the app. Blue download arrows appear on the selected photos, and then nothing happens. I’ve allowed the app to run for an hour. Nothing ever appears in the iPad photo roll. I have the latest updates on every device. (I’ve seen responses on the board about downloading the photo app, but I’d like to know how to get the Mycloud app to download. That option is there for a reason, and the photo app doesn’t seem to allow me to add multiple photos to the camera roll at once.). Thank you.


Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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Well, I just spoke to WD support. There is no download pictures to Camera rolls function. The download function is for you to download to their app where you can see your pictures while disconnected from your hard drive! I am very disappointed with this iPad app. The very basic function of downloading to camera roll is not provided is ridiculous!


Thanks so much for looking into this Wdjfoo! I hope they add the download to camera roll feature soon.


I experience the same problem. I can access photos in my download tab but it does not allow me to do any modification. Very significant shortcoming in my opinion


Here is a workaround that doesn’t involve emailing the image to yourself, which is also an option but uses either a wireless network connected to the internet or some of your expensive mobile data.

  1. Download the photo using My Cloud.

  2. Go to the downloads folder in My Cloud and open the image.

  3. Select the “Send To” icon in the top right corner.

  4. Select “Open in” from the popup menu.

You will see a list of Apps you have on your iDevice that can open the file. In my case I have three Apps, as shown below. I was hoping that I could open the image in File Browser Lite and then save it to the Camera Roll. File Browser seems to want to do this, as it asks you to navigate to folder and tap the menu button to paste the file. But for some reason I couldn’t get that to work, even if I created my own, new directory in the iOS Albums directory. Maybe only the full version of File Browser can do this.

Anyway, one of my other options is the free Photoshop Express App. This App allows you to edit the image,and then send it to the Camera Roll. I tested this and it worked fine. In fact, I created a B&W version of the photo I was testing with and save it to the Camera Roll successfully. So, follow these steps to finish the job, once you have installed PS Express.

  1. Select PS Express to open the image in.

  2. Edit the image as you wish, or do nothig to it so you can save the original version.

  3. Select the “Send To” icon in the top right corner.

  4. Select the “Save to Camera Roll” icon, which is probably in the top left corner.

  5. Close the Apps you no longer need, and open the Camera Roll in iOS Photos. Your image will be there.

As you can only use the “Open in” function on one file at a time, you can only transfer one file at a time using this method. It also takes longer than a simple copy or move as PS Express has to actually open the file. But it works.

There may be other Apps that do this better than PS Express, or that can directly find the file downloaded in the My Cloud App. Certainly the PDF Reader App I have can open the image I used as an example, but it can’t Send To the Camera Roll folder.

I hope this helps.

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Tnx. This does the trick. Wish WD come up wiith a better app though


I agree. The My Cloud App should be ale to save to the Camera Roll for those few photos you want to carry with you on your iDevice. Sometimes you just want to have a few of the best photos with you to show friends, or to make up a small slideshow to show on your iDevice, without connecting to the MPW.

Given that the App knows about the Camera Roll, since it is possible to upload a photo from the App on an iDevice to the MPW, I would have thought it should also be able to save to the iDevice Camera Roll. However, I do know that iOS has a lot of restrictions on which Apps can save to the Camera Roll, as part of security measures, and the locked down nature of iOS.

I would have thought an App from WD should be allowed though.


It is impossible to download photos directly to the iPad camera roll from the WD Wireless app.  However, WD could add this ability to the app.  Most of my other photo apps allow direct download to the camera roll. 

You can vote on this feature request over at the WD idea exchange at this link:


When I try to do this, I’m getting the opening screen which offers me on my iPhone, camera, creative cloud, revel, Facebook and Dropbox.
How are you getting past that?


Did you manage to open directly in iPhoto ?
With .mov or jpegs ? On a ipad tablet ?