Cannot disable VCD on My Passport (running Mac OS 10.6.8)

I’m attempting to disable the silly VCD thing so I can actually use the drive as a drive and not a retarded backup robot… however when I follow the directions given on this site, the interfaces are different than the documentation describes them.


I update the drive’s firmware, then use the VCD manager, which tells me I can’t proceed until I update the drive’s firmware. I do this several times, including restarting my computer… nothing changes. No options for actually disabling the VCD can be found anywhere. Then when I try to eject the disk, it disappears for a second and then pops right back up in the Finder. Ridiculous.

This VCD mess has got to be one of the worst ideas ever. I’ve not had many good experiences with WD products, and unless I can find a solution to this, it will be my last. Total waste of money.

Hi, just in case, you don’t need to disable the VCD, just don’t install and use Smartware. 

Thanks for the reply… however the drive does not mount as a lettered drive, like any other external drive, on my system. It shows up only as the VCD icon. I cannot access it as a drive.