Cannot detect WD Black2 Dual drive Completion Code 0


I just recently got my WD Black2 dual drive installed into my Asus q550lf notebook. The SSD works great, and I am loving it so far. However, I haven’t been able to unlock the 1TB HDD portion of the dual drive. Whenever I try and install the software I get an erro message saying the drive is not detectable Completion Code: 0. My bios is set to AHCI and not raid. Is there anything else that could be causing the problem? Please Help!

Hi, you can try updatying the firmware on the dual drive, also, there is some information on WD knowledge base that you can look.

I have seen the page you linked, and it did not help unfortunately. How do I go about updating the firmware on the dual drive?

Also have a look at

As additional steps I would suggest update to latest BIOS and update chipset INF (if any).

Hi at all! First of all sorry for my not correct english.
I’ve got the same problem and I don’t understand how I can do this:
“Connect a power cable to a WD Black2 Dual Drive, and a SATA cable between the drive and the motherboard. If the drive appears to be properly connected, please Contact Us for additional assistance.”

I’ve tried to upload the wd black2 firmware. I’ve got this problem after I formatted and restore with bootable USB and with dosdlg command in prompt dos and then clone the hdd in automatic process.

I’ve got a Dell notebook with win7pro 64bit.
thank you

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it doesnt update what it can’t find and it won’t detect either of my 2 WD Black2 dual drives. so you cant update any bios