Cannot detect the drice

The drive is not showing up anywhere on my computer. Even in the disk management. Where else in the system file can I find the drive?


There could be a few reasons why the drive is not showing up under Computer. The drive itself could have failed, the partition on the drive may be damaged, the data cable may no longer be good, or the drive may no longer be getting enough power to fully spin up.

Please refer to the following article for troubleshooting steps as the drive is not getting detected:

Title: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive
Link: [Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive]

There can be various reasons for a Hard drive not being detected. These reasons are:

  1. Faulty/Unplugged data cable
  2. Disabled drive in BIOS
  3. Missing ATA/SATA drive drivers
  4. Drive not receiving power
  5. Damage to hard drive

Apart from a damage to hard drive, if there is any other issue then you can try the below fixes to resolve the issue:

  1. Connect ATA/SATA drive with another cable port
  2. Enable the drive in BIOS
  3. Update the drive drivers
  4. Initialize the hard drive
  5. Format the drive

Hope it will help!