Cannot Delete partially transferred file - Explorer hangs on discovering item

Hi all,

So last night I transferred a mp4 video file to my 2TB My Book Live. Somewhere along the transfer process the operation did not complete properly. I can see the file on the MyBookLive in Windows Explorer and if I click on it, explorer tries to discover it. If I try and delete it it just hangs on discovering item.

I have seen there is another thread about this with suggestions on how to fix it with SSH or FTP but no clear instructions on how to do so.

Can some one please advise in detail how to do either of these?

I haven’t try that, but it might work.

Check online to see if someone has information on how to do that.

Used Twonky to rebuild the library and once completed it saw the file as a video file which I could delete. Was driving me nuts so glad it is solved.