Cannot Delete Old Cover Art

Cannot delete old covert art for a folder of movies and unfortunately this is the first movie in the folder so for some reason it won’t remove it.  I even changed the cover art of the particular movie in question. 

So far I have deleted the xml and jpg files, unplugged extrenal hard drive and power adapter to the hub and turned off (over night) and cleared the media library.  No luck.   Any thoughts???

Rename the cover art you want to use to folder.jpg (use the actual words folder.jpg not the name of the folder)

If there is no folder.jpg file in the folder, the hub will use the first jpg alphabetically as the folder’s cover art.

If you want to completely delete it and you don’t want to put any cover art in it, remove any jpg in that folder and then access your hub through your computer and open the hidden folder .wd_tv

That folder contains the files of the cover art you used. Just delete the file that corresponds to the cover art you want to delete and restart the hub.

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