Cannot delete backup files after new windows xp installed

After my HDD crashed, i used testdisk to copy my files across to the my Western Digital Passport 500GB drive.

I bought a new HDD, reinstalled fresh windows XP and copied all my files back onto my new HDD.

But now i want to delete my backed up files off my Passport drive.

It will not let me delete or move them.

Anybody got an idea of how i can delete them. I do not want 2 copies of these files.


Why not simply reformatt it and start out clean?


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Thanks for response

Yeah that is an option but i thought it strange to have to reformat everytime i want to delete files from the Passport drive.

Wouldnt mind understanding why there is some sort of protection on the file.

You shouldn’t have to format every time. If you can’t delete them now there must be some problem. That’s why suggested format and start clean. Did you look at sharing permissions on the external?


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You legend!

Thanks…it was sharing permissions and ownership.

It seems my old win xp install was the owner and when i change ownership…bingo.

Windows 7 and Vista get even more complex! Wait until you get into networking Windows 7 and older Windows versions and sharing a printer.


Thanks for the warning.

I just bought windows 7 and am going to dual boot with win xp

If you need help look here they’ve got some pretty sharp people there. A couple specialize in crash dump analysis.