Cannot create an MBL backup


my MBL uses the latest firmware. When I try to create a MBL backup (Backups > My Book Live Backups > Create) by selecting my computer or a Time Capsule as destination there is no further UI content but empty space. Is there a workaround?

  MBL Backup.png

Have you try contacting WD?

Yes, I did contact WD hotline. First they did not understand my issue. They thought that I was not able to perform a backup on the MBL. After they understood, they had no idea how to manage this. 

I have the latest firmware and I am able accessing Dashboard UI. I performed Full Factory Restore twice but still the same issue existing. What else could I do?

To tell you the truth I have not seen this before. If the rep you talk to was not able to help, you can always try talking to another representative. Give them a ring back and don’t rest unless you get a resolution or a person on the line that is able to help you. 

I have the same issue and am in contact with WD support. They are looking into it currently. When I get more information I will post it here.

Ok, here is what I have. The MBL uses Server Message Blocks (SMB) to communicate on the network, and the Time Capsule does not. I think Apple uses AFP (Apple File Protocol), but I am not sure.

There should be something stating this though… One way or another, we can’t back up to the Time Cap.

Thank you very much, pal! That could be the problem. I have only iMacs in the network and therefore I was not able to try to reproduce this issue on PCs. I will never be in the future. Just sold my MBL to a PC user. There were too much problems with it and I spent too much effort on them. Time Machine works out of the box since purchase. I wish the MBL would. Good luck with your item and future firmware releases.