Cannot copy wirelessly to WD TV Livehub

I have a WDTV Livehub HD media center, connected to my wifi network through a D-Link N Nano USB Wireless adaptor. With my old laptop, running Windows 7, I was able to see the WD Livehub as a drive and copy files to and from it in the same way as any other drive.

Now, however, I have a new laptop running on Windows 8.1 and, although I can see the Livehub as a drive, navigate through the folders and play media from the Livehub on my laptop, I cannot copy files to it from my laptop.

What can I do about this?


Make sure that the network sharing settings are properly set. Also make sure that the permissions are properly set to allow you to read and write to the drive on the Hub.

Settings and permissions on the Livehub or in Windows? I’ll try to find both.

Fixed: I downloaded WD Discovery and ran that, then File Explorer worked correctly.