Cannot copy folder of DVD extracted VIDEO_TS files from USB drive to internal HD


I have a directory of a movie I ripped containing a VIDEO_TS folder with all the DVD files inside it. I can play the DVD fine off the flash drive. I’m trying to copy this folder onto the internal hard drive of the WD TV Live Hub but when I do so, it only copies a single .vob file to the hard drive. Is there any way I can copy the entire folder? I tried using the “Move” command instead of “Copy” with the same results. I’ve updated to the latest firmware.

What happens when you try to play the single .vob file?

It’s ‘VTS_01_1.VOB’ so it plays the “Warning” disclaimer and Universal Studios intro from the DVD, that’s it. No matter what I try it only copies this file to the internal HD, I can’t seem to get the folder copied over. I’m guessing this is a bug?

How about transfering the entire folder from another PC over your network so you do not have to use the WD move or copy commands, just windows explorer (or from whatever OS you are using). Your method should work, but but give it a try using a computer for the movement anyways and see what happens.

Good Luck