Cannot copy files from the device to a pc in the same network


I’m trying to copy files from the wd my cloud to a pc, and when I use the wd app the download never starts, I also tried using windows explorer but I cannot acces the folder although it is configured as public (I only reach the root folder), I tried to restore the device (system only) and during the configuration process it indicates that I cannot copy files to or from the device. I tried from wd2go and I can access the folder where the file, I tried to copy but again the dowload never starts.

I tried to access the dashboard from a pc and the device never answer, however from my ipad I can reach the dashboard.

Please if anyone have any advice will be very appreciated 


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Have you tried mapping the drive or accessing the drive with the IP address that your unit has? I would also like to know the exact error you get when you try to access the unit through explorer. 

Are all your computers in the same WorkGroup?

I drag and drop files from My Cloud to the Library file I want them in. See example image below.

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cat0w (USA)

Hi thanks for your help

I access the device using the ip address in the windows explorer and initially there were no errors, then I try to access a public folder and I get the error 0x80070035

I tried using computers in the same workgroup and outside the workgroup