Cannot copy and paste to My Book Live since Windows 10 Upgrade

I have had My Book Live attached to my home network for several years and I have successfully used it to store media files (movies, photos, music etc). Previously I used to use file explorer to manage the files on My Book Live. However I upgraded my pc to Windows 10 and since then file explorer will not allow to copy and paste files either from my PC or from a couple of other attached external drives to My Book Live, The copy and paste functionality is greyed out for My Book Live, nothing works. Tried and pasting using “right click” but again paste is greyed out and disabled. I contacted WD support but 4 emails later I am no closer to a solution. Are there other ways other than using file explorer to add media files to My Book Live? There doesn’t appear to be WD software you can download to manage files on My Book Live. Any suggestions how I can get around this ?


Since you did some changes on your PC, have you tried resetting the MBL?

Are you using the drive with a static ip or DHCP?