Cannot connect WD Elements Play 2TB unit to my laptop

When trying to connect this device to my Toshiba laptop via the USB port on the back of the WD unit, the drive will eventually appear under Windows XP Explorer (though this can take up to one minute and even then a manual refresh is often required to expose the disk in Explorer), only to disappear immediately after i attempt to access it.

Copying files to the unit via USB Flash drive seems to work, but i am desperate to access the disk via Windows so that i can re-organise the file structure (folders can not be deleted via the WD Elements Play onboard interface).

Has anyone else faced this problem of the Elements Play disappearing soon if not immediately after being attached to a PC or laptop? I cannot find any correspondence on this on the community boards.

If you connect the EP in another computer do you encounter the same issue?

With some machines, both laptop and desktop, it will work for a period. This is totally random, however.

At first i thought this may be an issue to do with USB / USB legacy, but i don’t see how that could be the case. Some of the machines i have attached it to are USB 1.0, some are 2.0.