Cannot connect using WD 2go -- "TCP relay failed"

I have a brand new MBL Duo and am trying to set up WD 2go access for two laptops.  I have set up web access accounts for both and neither have been able to connect.

I am able to log in and see the “My WD Devices” screen.  I then click on MyBookLiveDuo and my browser shows “Connecting…” in the title bar.  This goes on for several minutes before I get Apache Tomcat error: “HTTP Status 404 - TCP relay failed - Socket connection retries exceeded”

Key details:

Windows Vista


Firefox 11.0

Please help!  Being able to connect from work is critical.  Thanks.

You may reset your MBLD by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  In the Connection Status, from the Remote settings, verify that the connection status is “Connected”.  If is not connected you may try power cycling or resetting your router.

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No luck after resetting the MyBook Live Duo, so I started fiddling around with my router.  Here are the things I did:

  • Logged into my router and checked that UPnP was enabled (It was.)
  • Clicked ‘Refresh’ and ‘Apply’ on the UPnP screen on the router without changing anything
  • Logged into the MBLD Dashboard and chose a “Manual” connection on Remote settings.  Made sure the ports were the same as those listed on my router’s UPnP screen.  Clicked Save.

After those actions, I finally got it to connect!  I’m no expert, so I have no idea what part fixed the issue, but I’m in.  I just had to update Java after that and now I can access the drives.

Many thanks.


I’ve got the same issue but when I go on my router, I do not see anything about UPnp???I still have the error 404 when I try to log wih on wd2go.