Cannot connect to XP netbook

I am brand new to networking, so please be gentle.  Bought a USB wireless adapter for my WD Live and it has hooked into my wireless internet connection (router attached to desktop) with no problem.  However, when I try to share files from my netbook (WIndows XP Home Edition) , I’m having no luck.  I have gone through the steps of sharing folders and th"e files show up as shared on the netbook, but when I try to connect to the WD Live, I’m getting the error message “This network share can not be accessed”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forums.

Make sure you read through (and understand and do) all of the following:

Thank you for the link and the help.  I’m up and running successfully now.


Great!   It’d be helpful to us and those searching (that find this thread) if you would tell us exactly what you did to make it work for you. 


It was actually rather embarassingly easy.  I went through the instructions and was having some problems with terminology, so I googled - and there was a solution on the net to go through Windows Media Player and network that way (using options, library, configure streaming).  Immediately the WD Live showed up and I could stream.

Also tried TVersity and it can now sense the WD Live and the WD Live is able to pick up the streaming video.  Now I just have to figure out how to use them to properly organize my files…

Thank you again for the help.