Cannot Connect to WD MyCloud -- But I Could A Few Min Ago?!

I successfully setup my WD MyCloud device via MacBook Pro and used it for 2 weeks.

I got a new MacBook Pro, downloaded the WD QuickView, and had access to the storage device.

I wiped the old MacBook Pro HD.

Now I cannot access the WD device…when I open the WD software, it shows my device with error “Failed to connect to the device”

When I “Search for devices in my network” it replies “No devices found”

How do I reconnect?  Thank you.  AF Col

Is the front light on the NAS blue?

If yes, when you go to your router UI, you should see the IP address of your NAS. Type this ip address in your browser, does the NAS admin UI come up?

If no, unplug the NAS and let it reboot.