Cannot connect to network (but can ping IP address)

My book live was working perfectly fine till about 24 hours ago, when all access to mapped network drives was lost, and it didn’t appear on my network.

When I check my router settings, I can see an IP address assigned to it.

When I ping the IP address, I get replies.

If I type the IP address in my browser, I get no response - times out.

No matter what I do, I can’t get ANY computer on my network to access the drive.

My cloud recognises that the drive is present, but cannot connect to it.

I tried resetting - but using the paper clip in the reset hole doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any hints please - it doesn’t sound like it’s dead, but I’m not sure what else to do.



Try to unmap the drive and then remap it.

That’s not going to work.

I can’t even see the drive listed in my network, and I cannot connect to it.  My router can see it, and has an IP address assigned to it, but it doesn’t show up in my network, using My Cloud cannot connect (gives me a message cannot connect to this device)

Any other ideas?

Hi riteoh,

I have no solution for you but I have the exact same issue :cry:

For me it began a couple of weeks back (about when it began for you it seems?). The drive responds to a ping, but doesn’t respond to any other protocol - neither http, afp, nor ssh.

The only way I can get it to respond again is a controlled shutdown and restart. Hold the button in on the back to initiate a controlled shutdown (take your finger off as soon as you feel the drive start to read; if you hold it in for too long (four seconds?) it’ll shut down the unit immediately without letting the OS shut itself down). Once it’s fully off, click the button again to start it up.

I’ve looked in what logs the unit stores (/etc/messages) and there’s no errors there to suggest what the problem might be.

I do hope someone here finds the cause :confounded: