Cannot Connect to Netflix

I have been using this Live Plus with Netflix for a while now, it has the most up to date firmware and when I try and connect it says cannot connect, I tried restarting my network, the WD, and I even did a factory reset with no solution.  This happend once before and after 2 or 3 days it was working again, so I don’t know what solved it.  I have tried to DEACTIVATE using the arrow key combo but it does not seem to want to.  The error keeps saying SSL Handshake Failed under last error.  Anyone else figured out what the cause and solution is???

Hello, have you verified if any of the other online services still work? If possible also try login into Netflix with another account. 

I have check youtube and tunein and they are not working either, I have checked my network connection in the network setup and it says I am connected to the internet, my firmware is upto date, I have done factory reset, rebooted my network, chenged ports the cable from router to WD is plugged into, called tech support from netflix and WD and nothing will fix this.  It did happen a few moths ago but fixed it’s self after 3 days or so, I have no clue what fixed it though.  I can connect to my computer and stream files from it.

Are you using a DNS service that might be blocking it?  (Like OpenDNS or something like that.)

No I am not using any DNS settings other then the automatic settings that the Live Plus indicated, I checked out Intune again and it is working, it was just the channel I selected I guess that was not workng, but Youtube will not even load (red bar), I have to reboot the unit, and I have tried deactivating the device from Netflix ( UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP) and it still will not work, I just get the error SSL Handshake Failed. It was all fine then nothing, hmmmmmmmmmmm.

i had a simular issue  i had changed my dns no.s due to srteaming issue with hulu chnageing wdtvlive plus network settings make sure there set to automatic it may help to find a netflix dns no. and use that no. on your router

Try this: Go into network settings on your WD. Go to Manual set up. Check DNS settings. Mine ended in .19 ,I changed it to .18 and internet apps started working.