Cannot connect to My Cloud

I am having the same “The server encountered an unexpected error which prevented it from completing your request. Please close this window and start the sign in process again.”.
No solution on any browser (on Mac) even after clearing them… Access through the app on iDevices remains possible.
How to get out of this and come back to normal access through the web ?

The same problem I have with Mac running Mojave. Working on iPhone perfectly.
I have sent a request to the technical support, but still no answer.

@ArmandoLios @jlvernhet, just to let you know i called WD support apparently their server is down that controls mycloud, was told by the person on the phone should be back up today but they dont know when

Thank you so much for the information. Let’s see then…

Thanks a lot… It seems that it isn’t the first occurence of this problem. I love the apparent simplicity of WD products and hardware. I am a little bit worried about the ‘solidity’ of their services…
Anybody from WD reacting, even if yesterday was Labour day ?

well i have been having issues with logging in since last week and not even gettinging timly reponces from their support department. take almost a whole day to get a reply and even then they answer my question with a question

Apparently, the web service is back online. So at least I can now log into Still having the usual issues accessing individual mycloud devices (I have 6).

Thank you.
Working again for me too….

Jean-Luc Vernhet

Working for me to, hopefully next time Western Digital can actually post somewhere that they are having issues rather than us having to call in for the 3rd time to get an answer from them