Cannot connect to My Book Live through wireless connection

Apologies if the following is lacking or information or confusing, I have the tech abilities of my mother (which is basic at best).

We have a My Book Live drive which connects to our laptop and desktop (Windows 10) through the router (BT Home Hub). It has never liked me much and is consistently distressed every time something changes (if the wifi is reset, or its power turned off). Recently I had to unplug it, and on plugging it back it I can no longer connect to it through the wifi (I have a folder that links to it on the desktop of both computers). It is plugged via Ethernet into the router (I have tried changing this) but I cannot find it in the Network folder on either computer. I can plug the Ethernet cable directly into the computer and access the files that way so I know they are still there.

I’ve tried resetting the drive, I’ve turned the power off and on, I’ve reset the wifi but it doesn’t appear. It also no longer works through the app on my iPhone. I tried to see if the firmware needed updating, but it told me there was no internet connection to check (I assume because the drive is plugged directly into the computer). Any suggestions (in lay terms please).


Before this happened, were you able to connect from the Wi-Fi? Perhaps you are connecting to a guest network and this is why you are not able to connect to the device.

Before this I was able to connect through the wifi on both computers and using the app on my phone. The only thing that I did was unplug the drive and plug it back in.