Cannot connect to My Book Live Duo is just trolling me now. I can log in and see my device, but when I go to “View Shares” the whole page craps out and tells me that the webpage is unavailable.

My trouble shppting so far:

  • Tried this on different browsers, networks (including the network that the My Book is on), and different computers. Same result
  • Checked forfirmware updates: None available
  • Turned off remote access and restarted my My Book Live Duo, turned it back on. No luck.
  • Reset accounts for remote access: No luck
  • Rebuilt wd2go server: No luck
  • Tried it through the Android app and that works fine

I’ve run out of tricks. An words of wisdom?

Do you get any error messages on the webpage? You can also try using the My Cloud Desktop App to access your My Book remotely.