Cannot connect to My Book Live and device shows yellowish light


I just got my book live and although I managed to connect to it ok on the first day the next day I was suddenly getting a yellowish light in front and I am unable to detect the drive on the network in any way. I tried connecting via the router, directly on my laptop and neither the My Book Live setup can find it or my mac. I’m not sure how to fix this, since all solutions I see, require me to connect to it first…

Please note that after setting it up the first time, I setup a time machine backup, I updated the firmware of the drive and also setup ssh and installed transmission. I’m mentioning this in case it helps find a solution.

Is there a solution for this? Can I perhaps reset the drive to it’s original firmware?

Any suggestions would be great!



Please check the manual to see what the different Front LED colors and status mean. Also please check the back LEDs.

Then let us know which applies to your MBL.


At the back it’s static orange with blinking green light and at the front the closest option is yellow/amber. relating to that, an error it gave me before it died was that the 100GB of space I gave for the time machine backup was not sufficient so that could kind of explain the colour of yellow/amber since the manual says that it shows when files have not been backed up yet.


But did you look up the meaning on those in the manual?


The closest is yellow. Loading OS

valanto did you install the transmission from feature pack??

Loading OS  = Solid Amber, not a good sign.

Not sure if you can recover, others might know. However, the only one I can thing of, it is too debrick your device. The issue could had been firmware upgrade and/or Tranmission. Or a combo of both.

“DEBRICK GUIDES”, there are two, one to attempt to recover data, another one, V2, for just restoring MBL.

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