Cannot connect to internet

Mycloud home break down. Where i power on the device again it seems the harddisk run for a few second and shut down. The upper led in the internet jack is on .
The router port led light a second and run off.
I cannot find the device through offline menthod and cannot find a service center to repair.
I live in Hong Kong

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It costs many hundreds of $ USD to recover data. The MCH warranty is 2 years but there is no warranty against data loss. The average life span of a hard disk in continuous use is about 2.5 years and if you had more than 2 years use out of this home unit, just move on to something newer and more functional. You can check the product serial number online for warranty service.

If you have the hardware hacking skill, you can try this link, but most home users don’t have the time or skills to do so.